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White Belt Victim Support Group Loose BJJ Rash Guard

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 Are you tired of feeling suffocated by your rash guard? Check out our line of loose fitting moisture-wicking rash guards that are perfect for staying comfortable while training. You will love wearing this to the gym. This shirt is perfect for NoGi Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, or wearing underneath your Judo Gi.

This one is great for showing the white belts that you care :) 

  • 3.7 oz., 100% polyester makes this great for NoGi training.
  • Ultra-breathable loose fitting moisture-wicking fabric
  • Modern fit & feel
  • Tagless label

    *** More than likely not IBJJF legal but that's OK because you can still wear it to some tournaments and (more important) on the mats when you're training hard. We will release an IBJJF legal rash guard at a later date.

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